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Norwegian Prescribed Drug Registry

Personally identifiable registry with information on medicines dispensed by prescription from pharmacies in Norway from and including 2004. 

The register includes information on medicines, the patient, the applicant and the pharmacy.

For the period 2004-2021, data from the Norwegian Prescription Database (NorPD) has been transferred to the Norwegian Prescribed Drug Registry.


Go to the variable overview to create variable lists and to see detailed information about the variables in this data source.

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Open data

Published statistics on the consumption of prescribed drugs, as well as statistical banks can be found on the website of the Norwegian Prescription Database (NorPD).

Criteria for data access

The data sources have different purposes and are regulated by different laws and regulations. In order to access information from the data sources, what you plan to use the information for must be in accordance with the purpose of the data source.

The types of approvals and documents you must submit to access information depend on what you are applying for, what you are going to use the information for and how you are going to process it. We therefore recommend that you take the time to familiarize yourself with the application guides before starting the application process:

Application guide for anonymous, aggregated data (statistical data)
Application guide for personally identifiable data

Apply for access to data

You can apply for access to data from the registry via the application forms at helsedata.no.

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Prices for access to data

Helsedataservice charges for the processing of applications submitted via helsedata.no, while the data custodians charge for data preparation and making the data material available. Helsedataservice and the data custodians will issue separate invoices.

See prices for case processing at Helsedataservice.

Prices at NIPH

According to the regulations of the individual health registries or health surveys, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) will charge for actual expenses in connection with the extraction, linkage and preparation of the health data that is made available.

See more information about prices for access to data and biological material managed by the National Institute of Public Health (fhi.no).