Concerning changes in the Norwegian health administration: and Helsedataservice function as normal and you can continue to use our services.

Use the application form on to request information from data sources managed by the following data custodians:

  • The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH)
  • The Norwegian Directorate of Health
  • The Norwegian Cancer Registry
  • The Norwegian Medicines Agency
  • The National Archives of Norway

Other data sources that you find on may have their own application forms. These forms can be found in the data source descriptions.

Anyone can request access to aggregated data, as long as the intended use corresponds with the purpose of the data source. The purposes are stated in the descriptions of the data sources.

Applications for aggregated data is assessed according to the purpose of the data source and according to the Norwegian Health Research Act § 19  (In Norwegian). 

There is no requirement for a legal basis for processing or exemption from the duty of confidentiality in order to gain access to anonymous aggregated data.

When you apply for aggregated data, you should provide a sample table in an Excel spreadsheet or similar. The sample table should visualize how you want the data presented, with your desired labelled row and column layout. The spreadsheet should preferably be in Norwegian, and contain table examples with variables and categories.

Please note that if any problems with confidentiality occures this may lead to a conclusion that access to the data can not be granted. We therefore recommend that you group values or split them into several tables.

If you apply for information from the The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH), The Norwegian Directorate of Health, The Norwegian Cancer Registry, The Norwegian Medicines Agency and/or The National Archives of Norway, your application is processed by Helsedataservice. Helsedataservice will make a decision on release of the data. The data is made available to you directly from the data custodians

Case processing time

Processing time is regulated in the Norwegian Health Research Act § 19f  (In Norwegian).

Health data is regulated to be made available within 30 working days of a complete application being received. 

If your project involves linking data from multiple sources, the data custodians have a 60-working day deadline to provide access to the requested data.

The deadline may be postponed if special circumstances make it disproportionately difficult to meet the deadline. If so, you will receive a preliminary response stating the reason for the delay and when it is likely that the data will be made available.


Since there are several actors involved when you apply for access to health data for, for example, research purposes, you will receive more than one invoice. Helsedataservice charges for application handling and processing, while the data custodians charge for the data preparation and making the data material available.

You will be invoiced for working time in accordance with the Norwegian Health Research Act § 19f  (In Norwegian). You will receive an invoice from Helsedataservice for the processing of your case, and an invoice from each of the data custodians who has done the data preparation of the tables and information you are sent.

The data is made available to you directly from the he responsible data custodians. The requested data can be provided to you in various ways, but will typically be sent by e-mail.