Due to summer holidays from week 26 to week 31, you must expect a somewhat longer response time from Helsedataservice and the health registries.

Prices for access to health data

Costs associated with application processing and making data available to applicants may vary. As a rule, the data custodians will charge for actual expenses in connection with administrative work, preparing and making data available to applicants.

Helsedataservice is responsible for processing applications and making decisions regarding the release of data to applicants. See an overview of the data sources to which this applies here.

In addition to case processing at Helsedataservice, you will usually have to pay for the data custodians' work in preparing the data and making them available.

Case processing at Helsedataservice

You pay a basic fee for the application and hourly fee for other case processing.

Basic price

Application with one data source: 1,500, - (NOK)
Application with several data sources: 3,000, - (NOK)

Hourly rate

NOK 1,155 per hour started

Case processing from Helsedataservice free of charge

The following applications are processed free of charge at Helsedataservice:

  • Students up to master's level, who apply for anonymous aggregated data for a student thesis. Provided that this is clearly stated in the application.
  • Case management of appeals against decisions.

Prices from data custodians

Cost estimation

You may contact the custodians of the data sources, for price lists and cost estimation.

The more complex your application is, the more time it will take to process, prepare and make the data available. In order for the custodians to be able to make a statement about potential upcoming costs, it is important that you have as detailed a picture as possible of the information you need to carry out your project.

Expected costs

  • Fee for application
  • Hourly rate for case processing
  • Price for data preparation from the registers
  • Possible cost of using an analysis infrastructure 

Invoice and payment

Today's practice is that Helsedataservice and the registers invoices for their work on the application. You will therefore receive separate invoices from Helsedataservice and the registers.

An assessment will be made of the possibility of coordinating the invoice for the application from Helsedataservice and the registers, so that you may receive the most possible total invoice from Helsedataservice.

Invoice details: 

Name: Folkehelseinstituttet

Address: Postboks 222 Skøyen, 0213 OSLO

VAT No (Org.nr) : 983744516

Bank: 7694.05.06820