Due to summer holidays from week 26 to week 31, you must expect a somewhat longer response time from Helsedataservice and the health registries.

Norwegian Twin Registry

The Norwegian Twin Registry (NTR) contains information on around 39,000 Norwegian twins, mainly from the birth cohorts between 1915 and 1991. NTR is consent-based and participation is voluntary.

Criteria for data access

The data sources have different purposes and are regulated by different laws and regulations. In order to access information from the data sources, what you plan to use the information for must be in accordance with the purpose of the data source.

The types of approvals and documents you must submit to access information depend on what you are applying for, what you are going to use the information for and how you are going to process it. We therefore recommend that you take the time to familiarize yourself with the application guides before starting the application process.

In order to access information from health studies, you need to apply for access to personally identifiable data.

Application guide for personally identifiable data

Apply for access to data

You can apply for access to information from the study by using the application form for personally identifiable data at helsedata.no.

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