Norwegian Counties Public Health Surveys

The surveys are web-based, and invitations are sent out via text message and e-mail. The questionnaire in the surveys is based on a template designed by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

The participants are selected at random from the National Population Register. E-mail addresses or mobile numbers are retrieved from the contact register of the Agency for Public Management and eGovernment (Difi).

Norwegian Counties Public Health Surveys have been conducted in

  • Agder (2019)
  • Hordaland (2018)
  • Sogn and Fjordane (2019)
  • Troms and Finnmark (2019)
  • Nordland and Rogaland (2020)
  • Møre and Romsdal (2021)
  • Vestfold and Telemark (2021)

In addition, a pilot study was conducted in Agder and Vestfold in 2015.

Content of the data source

The questions concern health, well-being and other factors that are important for public health. The questionnaire is based on the Norwegian Public Health Act, which states that the following shall be included in the overview work carried out in municipalities, however, not all of these topics are necessarily included in the same survey:

  • Growing up and living conditions: including financial conditions and conditions concerning place of residence, work and education, social support
  • Physical, biological, chemical and social environment: including local environment and noise nuisance
  • Injuries and accidents
  • Health-related behavior: physical activity, nutrition, use of tobacco and drugs
  • Health condition: health, dental health, illness, and mental issues

Criteria for data access

The data sources have different purposes and are regulated by different laws and regulations. In order to access information from the data sources, what you plan to use the information for must be in accordance with the purpose of the data source.

The types of approvals and documents you must submit to access information depend on what you are applying for, what you are going to use the information for and how you are going to process it. We therefore recommend that you take the time to familiarize yourself with the application guides before starting the application process.

In order to access information from health studies, you need to apply for access to personally identifiable data.

Application guide for personally identifiable data

Purpose of the data source

According to the Norwegian Public Health Act, municipalities must have an overview of public health in their municipality. The Norwegian Counties Public Health Surveys are part of this overview work. Another important part is the public health profiles with statistics that the Norwegian Institute of Public Health releases each year for municipalities, districts and counties.

In addition to the public health work, it is a goal to use the information from the Norwegian Counties Public Health Surveys in research.

Apply for access to data

You can apply for access to information from the study by using the application form for personally identifiable data at

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